ACPASSPortable signSEG Light box

1. ACPASS Display SEG Light Box is composed of aluminum frames. Its thickness is respectively 9cm, 12cm and 18cm. Because all the parts are standardized, you can install them yourself very easily. It is suitable for mass usage.
2. SEG Light Box can be designed with one side graphic or double-sided graphic according to customers’different demands. It is ideal for the shopping windows and halls. We can design it in any size to achieve your demand.
3. The LED strips are equipped with connnection parts for convenient installation.They are behind the graphics or on the frame profile in a well-distributed way. The graphic is  more than twice as bright as normal light boxes, to bring you more intense visual affection.
4. It works at low voltage 24V DC (Direct Current) power. The base is a power box with professional electric leakage protection to ensure it more safety.
5. We will help you print the graphic of SEG light box by using 8-color sublimation printers to make the graphics of very bright and vivid colors. Our wrinkle-free fabrics can be delivered together with the light boxes. This service will help you control the budget.
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