Poster Banner GS901-N
Poster Banner GS901-N


Frame size:1040(W)x400(D)x2080(H)mm

Frame weight:2.4kg

Material:Aluminum frame and support pole, plastic feet and connector

Package:Carton 1100(W)x310(D)x460(H)mm(6pcs),20kg

Graphic:850x2000mm, double sided pillowcase polyester graphic is printed by 8 color direct sublimation printer.

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Poster banner GS901-N-fabric is suitable for indoor exhibition,business promotion and conference.

1.Folding aluminum base
2.Aluminum pole
3.Plastic connection parts
4.Fabric graphic
5.Support pole

Swivel out the plastic feet to hold it steadily. When you are not useing it, swivel back feet.

Rotate the knob in the base tightly to fix the pole of frame.

Press the spring button to connect the poles, then rotate poles gently to aim the button at the hole.

Graphic size:850x2000mm(33.5x78.7in)

Our eight-color directly sublimation printing technology can make your graphic more beautiful.



ACPASS Poster Banner GS901-N
Product NamePoster Banner GS901-N
Product CodeGS901-N
Product Spec850x2000mm(33.5x78.7in)
Product Other SpecN/A
If it can be customizedAvailable
Product Feature 
Product Frame Specs
Frame Size1040(W)x400(D)x2080(H)mm(82.5x15.7x81.9in)
Frame Main MaterialAluminum and plastic
Product Frame Weight2.4kg(5.3LB)
Outer Package Weight(1pcs)4kg(8.8LB)
Product AccessoriesInstruction
Product Package Specs
Package BagEPE Oxford Bag (1pcs)
Inner Package SizeCardboard Box 140(W)x140(D)x1080(H)mm(5.5x5.5x42.5in)
Product Quantity / Inner Carton1pcs
Outer Package SizeCardboard Box 1100(W)x310(D)x460(H)mm(43.3x12.2x18.1in)
Product Quantity / Outer Carton6PCS
Total Outer Package Weight20kg(44LB)
Graphic Specs
Graphic Size850x2000mm(33.5x78.7in)
Graphic MaterialPolyester
Thickness of Graphic Material0.53mm
Grammage of Graphic Material290g/㎡
Printing Technology8 Color Direct Sublimation Printing
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container)1068pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)2136pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)2598pcs
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
Warranty365D(exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)

1.Q: What is ACPASS poster banner GS901-N made of?

A: The main material is aluminum alloy and the other parts are made of plastic(connectors, feet, knobs, etc) and steel(spring buttons, hooks, etc).

2.Q: Can its frame color be silver?

A: Yes, the frame color can be silver as long as you request to our sales. We normally make it black, because it is more popular recently and attracts customers.

3.Q: Can it be made more than 2 meter wide?

A: No, but if you need wider poster banner, you can choose ACPASS Poster Banner GS912-N.

4.Q: Where can it be used?

A: It can be used as an advertising board for all indoor places, such as shopping mall, trade show, etc. It also can be as a signboard, when you print your artwork of instruction on graphic.

5.Q: Can it be used repeatedly? 

A: Yes, it isn't an one-off display stand. The assembly or disassembly is also very convenient. Only the durable and easy-use poster banner can help you save your budget and the labour installation costs.

6.Q: Can it replace roll up banner?

A: Yes. In terms of use, GS901-N is as convenient as roll up banner. It is straighter than roll up banner stand. When multiple poster banners are used together, they will form a flat and straight background wall. Roll up banners will lean forward or backward more or less, and can make a flat background.

7.Q: What is other advantage of the poster banner?

A: The double-sided graphic can show your ads on front and back of this display stand. Basically the stand with double-sided graphic is expensive, but GS901-N is more cost effective.
The installation is easy, press the spring button on connector, then insert the pole into connector, they will snap together firmly.

8.Q: What material is its graphic made of?

A: Its graphic is made of PP or fabric(polyester) according to your needs. 

9.Q: Is the graphic easy to install?

A: The graphic installation is convenient.
PP graphic: There are 4 gromments on four corners of graphic. Hook to the grommet with plastic hook to fix graphic.
Fabric graphic: Two graphics are sewed together to form a double-sided pillowcase graphic. Lean the frame, then pull down graphic to cover it.(just like you change your pillowcase)

10.Q: Is printing fabric graphic difficult?

A: No, it is very easy to print fabric graphic, as well as there is a textile printer. If you do not have a textile printer, you can ask ACPASS Display for help. We not only have best display equipment but also the best printing service.


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