SEG Lightbox Fabric Graphic
SEG Lightbox Fabric Graphic

In order to make a high-resolution and eye-catching light box graphic, we use the excellent 6 color UV printing technology as a support to print high-end light box graphics for you.

Through continuous testing and research, we have determined the most suitable light box fabric, which is opaque and elastic, with no waves or sagging, so as to improve the display effect of the light box perfectly.

The material used for the light box graphic is 100% polyester, the material weight is 140g/m2, and the material thickness is 0.22mm.

The light-weight light box graphic could be folded and carried easily, saving much shipping costs.

The light box graphic which be sewed with silicone strips around, can be easily and quickly installed in the light box frame, so you can change the graphic anytime and anywhere.

The ink materials of light box graphic are green and environmentally friendly, with high color saturation, rich colors and long service life.7.Our aim is to provide graphic printing services all over the world. We can provide free graphic samples to you, no matter where you are.

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One stop service

We not only provide you frame, but also print graphics for you.

This service give you complete product and save your budget.

3.2 printing machine

The max printed width is 3.2m.

It is suitable for printing wide and large graphics,such as background.

Printing Room

This is our dustless printing room. The max printing capacity is 2000㎡ per day

Printed Graphics

Each printed graphic will be beautifully packed and delivered to you.

Printed Graphics

Each printed graphic will be beautifully packed and delivered to you.

Material of graphic

Graphic is printed by 8 color UV printer make it more bright-coloured





ACPASS Printing Service for SEG lightbox
Graphic MaterialPolyester
Thickness of Graphic Material0.22mm
Grammage of Graphic Material140g/㎡
Printing Technology6 color UV printing
Printing capacity2000㎡/d
Printing Width3.2m
Express ServiceAvailable

1.Q: Does the material of SEG light box graphic be fabric or PP ?

A: Our light box graphic is fabric.

2.A: Can you use the Dye-sublimation printing technology to print the light box graphic?

A: Of course, we specialize in providing a variety of graphic printing services.

3.Q: Can your light box graphic block light out?

A: We use high-quality special light box fabric, which is opaque and has a good display effect.

4.Q: Does your light box graphic have flame retardant ability?

A: Our light box graphic is made of flame-retardant fabric and can be flame retardant.

5.Q: How do I install the fabric light box graphic ?

A: We have sewed the silicone strips around the graphic. You only need to insert the graphic around the slot of the light box frame to complete the graphic installation.

6.Q: Is the effect of your light box graphic printing good?

A: Of course, AFFPOS is an expert in graphic printing. Using 8-color direct textile printing technology and green high-quality printing inks to make every graphic clear, colorful and bright.

7.Q: Is the light box graphic easy to fold and transport?

A: Our light box graphic can be folded without leaving wrinkles and convenient for transportation.

8.Q: What is the grammage of the SEG light box graphic?

A: The grammage of it is 190 g/m2.



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