[ Back ]Acpass Display 2018 Shanghai APPPEXPO2018-04-08

China ACPASS Display attended Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 and area of booth was 135 sqm.

We used SCOD system to build our exhibition booth successfully.Our booth was lit by top LEDs,it's most bright booth in exhibition.

The poster banner GS9 series,SEG led light box(backlit or edge-lit),A4 literature rack,outdoor beach flags,roll up banner and single sided poster banner wall were displayed in Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018.

We also showed the graphics of our in-house printing service.

China acpass display attended 2018 shanghai APPPEXPO

ACPASS exhibition booth was lit by top led lights

Our exhibition booth was illuminated by top LED light.Light box SLB series attracted the passers-by in APPPEXPO.

8ft backlit SEG light box attracted passers-by in APPPEXPO

customer was talking to our seller to learn more detail of SEG light box

white and black A4 literature rack

GS9 poster banner was displayed in 2018 APPPEXPO

seller was introducing our poster banner to customers

This customer was assembling poster banner GS901 and he was content with its convenient installation

The spring in the base can help outdoor poster banner sway in the wind

our roll up banner was one of the most popular product in 2018 APPPEXPO

8 ft flat tension fabric tube display

our roll up banner was one of the most popular product in 2018 APPPEXPO

seg pop up display,tension fabric tube display and portable poster banner GS9 series lined on the edge of exhibit booth